Web Developers

Web Developers

Website development is not only our core service but it is our pride & joy, our web developers offer nothing but their best! Our website developers take great pride in their skills to offer a website development that not only represents you on the World Wide Web but can also become a business tool. Your website can even be written to communicate with other systems you may already use and wish to continue to use. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our web developers.

AWD Professional Web Developers - a web developer you can rely on!

Our website developers utilize a variety of technologies in web development with a main focus on the ever growing PHP environment as a foundation. With a PHP foundation you can be sure of a platform independent web development which can be served from any Windows or Linux based server. Coupled with the popularity of standard formats such as XML, communicating with other systems and even languages such as Microsoft's ASP.NET framework is possible.

The languages and technologies our web developers currently use include PHP, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, XML, AJAX and learning more everyday. As well as wanting to constantly offer the best web development services we are also devoted to technology, specifically in the area of software development. So not only do you get an excellent website development service but it is ran by web developers who really are passionate about their work.

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Below is an example of just one of the websites we have built. Visit our portfolio to see other websites we have built.

APLE Milton Keynes

APLE Milton Keynes

“ At APLE all our drivers are proven professional, experienced courier drivers. All vehicles are fitted with Satellite Trackers for live update on vehicle status & location. Staff are uniformed and carry with them ID cards and company mobile phones at all times. We realise how important it is to have polite staff delivering consignments to your customers. We can offer a same day delivery to most major cities in the UK and Europe. We use scheduled flights offered by Air Lingus, British Airways, British Midlands, EasyJet, Jersey European Airways, KLM and Ryan Air. Your consignment is expressed to Heathrow and put on an airplane. When it arrives at the destination airport it is collected by an audited agent we use in that area or country and delivered as soon as possible. Delivery is usually made within two hours of the plane landing and a proof of delivery phoned through to you as soon as the delivery is made. ” ...view our portfolio